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Tomasini. Laser Doppler Vibrometry

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A multimedia guide to its feature and usage.

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This book is a continuous learning tool for experienced technical staff facing laser vibrometry technology for the first time. The book covers both theoretical aspects and practical applications of laser Doppler vibrometry, and is accompanied by a multimedia presentation that allows the audience to browse the content and come as close as possible to performing real experiments. After a brief introduction, Chapter 2 presents supporting theory, providing general information on light sources, light scattering and interference for a better understanding of the rest of the book. Chapter 3 examines the theory of laser vibrometers, explaining interferometers from an optical perspective and in terms of the related electronics. It also addresses options like tracking filters and different signal demodulation strategies, since these have a significant impact on the practical use of vibrometers. Chapter 4 explores the configurations that are encountered in todays instrumentation, with a focus on providing practical suggestions on the use of laser vibrometers. Lastly, Chapter 5 investigates metrology for vibration and shock measurements using laser interferometry, and analyses the uncertainty of laser vibrometers in depth.

Enrico Primo Tomasini graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University La Sapienza of Rome in 1972. From1975 to 1984, he was Teacher and Professor at the University of L'Aquila, and in 1984, he moved to the Faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche (formerly University of Ancona). In addition, Professor Tomasini was also Director of the Department of Mechanics at the Polytechnic University of Marche from April 1988 to October 1993. He was National Coordinator of the Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Measures. Since 1988, he was driving factor founding the laboratories of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements.

Last but not least, Enrico Primo Tomasini was one of the main initiators of the Italian Association of LAser VElocimetry and non-invasive diagnostics. AIVELA was founded in July 1991 to promote the development of laser velocimetry techniques.

The main objectives of AIVELA are

  -  to develop the exchange of information among scientists, universities, associations, societies, companies and corporations interested in scientific and technological activities of laser velocimetry;
  - to promote and to widespread the study and the research on laser velocimetry and its applications by technical reports, publications, meetings, courses and workshops;
  - to promote technical education in the field of laser velocimetry.

The focus of AIVELA is to promote directly the application of laser measurement techniques to various industrial and scientific activities such as fluid dynamics (hydro and aerodynamics), combustion, industrial, environmental and biomedical engineering.

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Enrico Primo Tomasini, Paolo Castellani
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